Why and How to Surround Yourself with Restaurant Mentors

Be willing to learn from everyone

Charlie Brunetti, General Manager of 3 Fat Guys Diner, credits mentorship for his successful restaurant ventures. Luckily, he grew up with his mentor ⁠— literally.

“My Dad was the cook in our house growing up. We are in the entertainment business, and he taught me to show guests what you're made of — not only through great food but by walking the floor and talking to everyone. People go out to eat to take a break from the everyday issues we all have,” says Brunetti. 

For restaurateurs who aren’t lucky enough to be related to a great mentor, or even leaders who are looking for someone to mentor themselves, Brunetti suggests being willing to learn, listen, and keep an open mind with the people around you. 

“Find excellence in each and every person and just start practicing. You never know who you might meet.”

Charlie Brunetti

General Manager at 3 Fat Guys Diner